How to get your first co-op at uwaterloo

These are my potentially helpful tips on how to get the first co-op.

The first co-op is the hardest one to get for a variety of factors:

  • Companies have to take a risk on someone with little to no work experience
  • You are unskilled compared to upper years (albeit you won’t be competing for the same jobs, but it still applies to a certain degree for 2nd years)
  • You are younger than a lot of other applicants (some big companies only want 3rd year and above since they can try to sign them for full time after the internship)

Work on side projects

I outlined in another blog post that side projects can really be anything. The quality varies so much and you can be the person who learns about a new tech stack and creates something cool or you could be the person who copies projects off GitHub and claims them as your own. (Don’t be the latter)

My personal picks for simple side projects are:

  • make a chrome extension (learn javascript)
  • make a game (Unity C#, Unreal Engine C++)
  • make a simple android app (Android Studio Java)
  • make a web app (learn some web app stack)


In an ancient time I used a software called “Jobmine”, the precursor to WaterlooWorks. Long forgotten are things like the “the Jobmine glitch”, being forced to take a job if you matched with them (no one free “unmatch”), and terrible UI. (actually the UI is not that much improved in WaterlooWorks)

Try to network

Finding the first

Build a LinkedIn Profile

Even if it is rudimentary

Build a small personal site

Build a site to