Table of Contents

  1. Webapps
  2. Unity
  3. Chrome Extensions



Made with:

Mixmax slash command for stocks embedded in emails using Wolfram API. Supports stocks, stock comparisons, date ranges, and plotting of graphs in email. Also uses Coinbase compatibility and shows Blackrock data. Won Best Use of Wolfram API and Best Use of the Mixmax API at MHacks X.

Basic Identity Token

Made with:

Basic Identity Token: A login w/ fb button for web3.0 dapps. Built at ETHWaterloo


Made with:

Web app that acts as a simple to-do list. Built at Hack the North 2017.


Microtransaction Simulator

Made with:

Probability based game built on the saturated microtransaction market. Published as a free to play game on the Steam Store.

Top Down Shooter

Made with:

Top down shooter using your mouse to aim and spacebar to shoot zombies with 6 weapons.


Made with:

Basic Bomberman AI made with IBM Watson API.

Chrome Extensions

Pocket Monitor

Youtube Video Scaling Extension