Pogchamps 3 was a chess tournament involving a lot of the most popular Twitch streamers playing chess for their charities. I bet on a few PogChamps 3 matches on Twitch. Let’s take a look at the betting and making smart bets.

Rules of gambling:

  • never bet more than you can lose (Twitch doesn’t let you take out loans, so I am good on this)
  • never bet more than you can lose (psychologically)

Feb 24

Ludwig vs. Logic

I bet 7.5k on Logic. I ended up losing when Logic lost in tiebreak.

Feb 26

Pokimane vs. Michelle Khare

Feb 27

Feb 28 - Finals

Neeko vs. Michelle Khare

Going into this game I expected Neeko to be the favourite. She was higher rated and had a harder side of the bracket (beating Tubbo and Rubius). (Michelle had to beat Mr.Beast and Pokimane)

Neeko’s style of play is far from perfect, but she excelled in the PogChamps format (best of 3, 10 5 and 5 0 in tiebreaker). I describe her play like playing Poker. She will make blunders but she moves with such speed and tempo that it unsettles lower-elo opponents. She beat Tubbo in the tiebreaker by flagging.

I bet 5k on Neeko (in retrospect I should have bet more).

Rainn Wilson vs. Sardoche