Blog post about my favourite blog posts

In doing research for this blog post I wanted to compile the most influential blog posts and sites that I read when I was in undergrad. Luckily enough I found a github repo listing a lot of ones that I had seen previously or had yet to discover: Link

Most are from Waterloo, but some are just general tech/life posts.

Especially in first and second year I enjoyed reading blog posts (that were not too technical for me to understand) and ones that gave a glimpse into upper-year life at Waterloo. Here’s a collection that I’ve read.

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My favourites

If I listed your blog post or linked to your site, I thoroughly enjoyed your site/blog post.

Eric Jang post about Pixar, Google, and Two Sigma Link

Robert Elder undergrad story Link

Geoffrey Yu and Soft Eng at Uwaterloo Link

Shine Wang on how to do software engineering interviews Link

Bo Peng Waterloo Engineering Post Link

Anthony Zhang notes Link

David Hu on Blogging Link

Prof Bill Anderson on UWaterloo admissions Link

Kaustav on Jobmine/WaterlooWorks Link

Anzo Teh on UWaterloo Link

Other cool websites

Zhihao Zhang Link

Valentin Tsatskin Link

Tristan Hume Link

Sean Purcell Link