Here I will try to post all of my running events (maybe some non-running events). I was intermittently running for ~1 year prior and I only seriously ran and did events starting in Jan 2022. My current goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon.

My Personal Records:

5K: 21:50 (Yes this is slower than half of the 10K)

5 Miles: 35:40.04

10K: 40:11

10 Miles: 1:16:57

Half-Marathon: 1:26:50

Marathon: 3:37:16

2023 Races

Race Location Date Distance Time Results My goal for the race Comments on the race/course
BolderBoulder Boulder, Colorado May 29, 2023 10K 1:30: 33 Results Have fun  
Berlin Marathon Berlin, Germany Sept 24, 2023 Marathon (26.2 miles) 4:04:07 Results 4hrs-4:30 first world major
NYC Marathon NYC, NY Nov 5, 2023 Marathon (26.2 miles) 3:50:47 Results 4hrs-4:30 second world major

2022 Races

Race Location Date Distance Time Results My goal for the race Comments on the race/course
Run for the Water 2021 Austin, Tx Nov 7, 2021 10 miles 1:16:57 Official Results first ever race  
Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot 2021 Austin, Tx Nov 25, 2021 5 miles 35:40.04 Official Results Under 40 minutes crowded start, no waves (walkers + runners at same time)
3M Half Marathon 2022 Austin, Tx Jan 23, 2022 Half-marathon (13.1 miles) 1:35:02 Official Results complete first half-marathon in sub 2-hours Pretty happy with this time especially since I paced fairly well
Ascension Seton Austin Marathon 2022 Austin, Tx Feb 20, 2022 Marathon (26.2 miles) 3:37:16 Official Results complete first marathon in sub 4-hours  
Run the Alamo San Antonio, Tx March 6, 2022 Marathon (26.2 miles) 3:43:05 Official Results first out of city race, sub 3:30 I got hit with a pretty warm day ~20 degrees and felt extremely dehydrated. Course had a lot of double backing. Didn’t hit my goal but by mile 14 I had a feeling it was not happening. Hot and humid day that I’m just happy I finished.
Head for Cure 5K Austin, Tx Mar 27, 2022 5km 17:53 Official Results sub 20 minutes My bib malfunctioned and didn’t record me crossing at 17:53. I spoke to the person behind the system and it somehow didn’t track me crossing the finish line. It got corrected to 17:18 (which isn’t correct either since I placed behind 5th place). Overall not a serious race since it was a charity race but it was challenging doing my first serious 5k. Also the course ran a little short (like 4.85km not 5km so it isn’t TRULY a 5k)
Cap10K Austin, Tx April 10, 2022 10km 40:11 Official Results sub 45 minutes, I expect it to be a crowded, hilly, and warm-ish race. Honestly pretty happy with this. Sub 40 is probably possible (11 seconds off), but I’m not great with shorter races.
OKC Marathon 2022 OKC, OK April 24, 2022 Half-marathon (13.1 miles) 1:27:43 Official Results first out of state race, sub 1:33 Really happy with this since there was a tornado warning the night before and the morning of it cleared up and temperature was pretty cool. This was about as good as I was going to get with my current training.
HEB Sunshine Run Austin, Tx May 1, 2022 10km 40:21 Official Results sub 43 Pretty humid day. I got a cramp at mile 5 but I made it through. Not a PR but I’m just happy I finished.
Take the Bridge Austin, Tx May 5, 2022 ~4miles? 27:35 Official Results Not sure what to expect from this. This race had some of the most stacked entrants ever. Top 15 was all killers. Super fun to compete against the best.
Bank of America Chicago 13.1 Chicago, IL June 5, 2022 Half-marathon (13.1 miles) 1:26:50 Official Results sub 1:30 I feel sub 1:25 is possible, but I had a cramp at mile 12. I also had shin splints in my left leg which made walking and waking up painful. Will rest after this race.
Lemonade Dash 10K Houston, Tx June 11, 2022 10km DNF     Didn’t race. I had pain in my left leg from Chicago.
SF Marathon SF, CA July 24, 2022 Marathon (26.2 miles) DNF   sub 3:30 Didn’t race. I am still recovering from stress fracture in my left leg. Deferred it to 2023.
Toronto Waterfront Marathon Toronto, Ontario, Canada October 16, 2022 5K 21:50 Official Results first out of country race Course ran a bit long and my 5K time is slower than half of my 10K time. Started in the wrong corall and a pedestrian with luggage almost hit me at Bay and Front st. (Not sure why they decided to cross the race path then. Just good to be back to racing.
NYC Marathon NYC, NY Nov 6, 2022 Marathon (26.2 miles) DNF (cancelled my entry)   first world major (by lottery)  
California International Marathon Sacramento, CA Dec 6, 2022 Marathon (26.2 miles) DNF (cancelled my entry)   qualify for Boston?  

Signing up for races is on hold while I come back from injury.

Races I considered but can’t due to scheduling conflicts:

Cool Info

Tokyo Marathon qualifying: sub 2:32:00

Boston Marathon qualifying: sub 3:00:00

London Marathon qualifying: sub 3:00:00

Berlin Marathon qualifying: sub 2:45:00

Chicago Marathon qualifying: sub 3:05:00

NYC Marathon qualifying: 2:50:00

World Marathon Majors

[] Tokyo

[] Boston

[] London

[x] Berlin

[] Chicago

[x] New York