Inspired from Dadi’s Bucket List (He has since removed this link but it was something like this)

Last Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Bucket list

This is a list of things I hope to accomplish during my time at university.


[x] Take one of the big 3 (Took Graphics in Fall of 2018)

[x] Finish all Bachelor of CS course requirements (Completed Fall 2018 this was done)

[x] Get a Combinatorics and Optimization Minor (Completed after Winter 2019)

[ ] Get on the Dean’s list one term


[x] Find a job outside of WaterlooWorks (I mean I did get an offer? 2020 Jonathan is confused what 2017 Jonathan meant when I wrote this)

[x] Get a developer job (Got Okta for Summer 2018)

[x] Get a co-op in California (Got LinkedIn for Fall 2019)


[x] Attend 20 Hackathons (Completed sometime beforeI can’t remember, but I defintely went to more than 20)

[ ] Place top 3 at an MLH hackathon

[x] Win anything at a hackathon (Completed September 24, 2017 at MHacks X)

[x] Go to three hackathons of the same series (Completed September 24, 2017, MHacks 8,9,X)

Game Development:

[x] Publish a game to Steam (Completed September 14, 2017)


[x] Go to Vancouver for a co-op (Zenefits in Summer 2019)

[x] Go to California for a co-op (LinkedIn in Fall 2019)

[x] Go to Seattle for a co-op (TheTradeDesk in Winter 2020)

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